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Heart of the Healer
Hi, Talia! Another troll question, since I just race-changed one of my hunters to a troll and I'm trying to figure out a bit of his history. Specifically, where he would have been born. I can't find anything that gives me even a rough idea of how long ago the Darkspear settled on their islands, or left them with Thrall. Do you know of anywhere (or maybe you know yourself) that lays out the Darkspear timeline?



{Trollin’ Thursdays} Warcraft: Trollkind Timeline

There is a lot of missing information in Warcraft’s master timeline, and trying to pin down exact (or even loose) dates for certain events is really difficult. I usually go by this unofficial timeline on WoWwiki, as it compiled the various canon timelines Blizzard has produced both in World of Warcraft and all of the Warcraft RPG books. That being said, it’s still not very accurate mostly because of lack of consistency and leaves a out a lot, especially in regard to trolls.

So, I’m going to do my best to outline a very loose timeline for events that relate to trolls. Disclaimer: this timeline is not 100% accurate. I’m just doing my best to sort out Blizzard’s scattered dates and history. Many years are estimated.

So, being that this ask was specific to the Darkspears, let’s set “Year 0” as The Colonization of Durotar, when the Darkspears arrived with Thrall and the orcs to Durotar.

Much thanks to the lovely corvidae-corvus for their help!


- 20,000-17,000+: The First Trolls

  • The first trolls appear on Azeroth. The Zandalari Empire rises and spreads across Azeroth before becoming so large that it splinters into two additional empires: the Amani and the Gurubashi.

-16,000: The Aqir Wars

  • The trolls of the Amani and Gurubashi Empires begin a conflict with the Aqir that would last for thousands of years.

- 15,000: The Drakkari Empire

  • The Drakkari are exiled from Zandalari lands for their barbarism, moving north to the lands that would eventually become Northrend after the Sundering to establish their own empire.

-14,000: The Birth of the Kaldorei

  • Forest trolls come in contact with the arcane energies of the Well of Eternity, transforming them into the first night elves.

- 10,000: The Sundering

  • The Sundering splits Azeroth apart, separating the Zandalari, Gurubashi, and Amani Empires from one another. The second half of the Gurubashi Empire would eventually become the Farraki Empire.

-3,000: The Fall of I’lalai

  • Var’gazul, chief to the last emperor of Zul’Gurb, conspired with Min’loth, ruler of a smaller empire called I’lalai, to overthrow the Gurubashi Emperor. Min’loth found and used the Stone of the Tides to control great water magics, yet in the process summoned Neptulon, an ancient elemental. Neptulon punished Min’loth and his people by sending his Krakken after the trolls, which caused a colossal tidal wave that put the western half of the Gurubashi Empire under water.

-2,800: The Troll Wars

  • The human tribes and high elf kingdoms of Lordaeron entered into a great battle with the forest trolls of the Eastern Kingdoms, nearly wiping out their entire population. The forest trolls would never fully recover from this defeat.

-2,500-2,000: Rise of the Soulflayer

  • Suffering from famine and disease, the Gurubashi sought aid from ancient, mystical forces to aid their people. A mysterious dark loa called Hakkar the Soulflayer answered them, giving them power through his blood in exchange for constant sacrifices. Hakkar allowed the Gurubashi to extend their civilization further south through most of Stranglethorn Vale.

-1,000: Fall of the Soulflayer

  • Nearly slaves to Hakkar and the Atal’ai, the Gurubashi tribes rose up against the Soulflayer and his followers. The immense war that followed shattered the Gurubashi nation and weakened the jungle troll empire permanently, but Hakkar was defeated and the Atal’ai fled into the Swamp of Sorrows.
  • With the Empire shattered, the Gurubashi tribes began warring between one another.

- 400-300: The Shatterspear

  • The Shatterspear tribe split off from the Gurubashi Empire and traveled across the seas to Northern Kalimdor where they settled near Darkshore.

- 200: The Settlement of the Darkspear Islands

  • Due to the civil wars between the Gurubashi tribes and constantly being under siege by the Skullsplitters and Bloodscalps, the Darkspears leave the mainland of Stranglethorn Vale to settle on the Darkspear Islands (now called the Broken Islands).

-20: The Second War

  • The Amani Empire, led by Zul’jin, joined with the Old Horde and Orgrim Doomhammer to defeat the humans and elves and prevent them from pushing into forest troll lands. Eventually, when the Horde is defeated and the orcs abandon their siege, Zul’jin disappears after he is mutilated.

-5-2: The Sea Witch and the Murlocs

  • The Darkspears have dealt with murlocs on their islands for several years, yet the conflict comes to a head as a naga sea witch begins controlling them to capture their tribesmen.

-1: Thrall & the Orcs

  • Thrall and his band of freed orcs take shelter on the Darkspear Islands during a storm. He and Sen’jin, leader of the Darkspears, are captured by the naga sea witch. Sen’jin is killed before Thrall can save him, but he tells the orc of a vision that reveals he is destined to lead the trolls from the Island. Now led by Vol’jin, the Darkspears leave with Thrall to Kalimdor.

Year 0: The Colonization of Durotar

  • The Darkspears settle on Durotar with Thrall and the tauren, and aid in the battle against the Kul Tiras navy led by Daelin Proudmoore.
  • After the humans’ defeat, the Darkspear settle on their new home on the Echo Isles.

1 - 2: Zalazane’s Betrayal

  • Believing the trolls no longer need aid from the orcs and tauren, Zalazane—driven mad by his own voodoo—begins amassing followers that believe the Darkspears should splinter away from their new allies. This causes a large rift in the tribe. Zalazane used dark voodoo to enslave the minds of many of his tribesmen and, with his allies, attempts to overthrow Vol’jin.

3: The Establishment of Sen’jin

  • Vol’jin evacuates the trolls that do not agree with Zalazane to the mainland of Durotar and establishes Sen’jin Village, named for his father.

4: The Beginning of World of Warcraft

  • Zalazane continues to assault the Darkspear trolls on the mainland, using his voodoo to lure them to the Echo Islands.

5: Zul’Gurub

  • After learning about the enslavement of the Gurubashi Primal Loa and their champions by the Hakkari and Atal’ai at Zul’Gurub, the Zandalari arrive in Stranglethorn Vale and set up base on Yojamba Isle to begin an assault against the Blood God and his followers.

6: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

  • Zul’jin renews his efforts to retake Amani land from the elves.

8: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • The Drakkari resort to sacrificing their own loa for the power to withstand the Scourge. The Zandalari travel to Zul’Drak in order to preserve what they can before the Drakkari destroy themselves.

10: Fall of the Lich King & The Retaking of the Echo Isles

  • The Lich King and the Scourge are defeated, but not before Zul’Drak is completely overtaken by the Scourge.
  • Aided by their allies, Vol’jin and the Darkspear Tribe retake the Echo Isles from Zalazane and his followers with the aid of Bwonsamdi, the Gurubashi loa of the dead, and resettle on the Echo Isles.

13: The Shattering/World of Warcraft: Cataclysm & The Rise of the Zandalari

  • The Shattering destroys much of the island of Zandalar, while the rest of it begins to slowly sink into the sea.
  • Vol’jin nearly considers breaking off with the Horde because of Garrosh’s leadership, yet is convinced to remain by Thrall. Instead, he moves his tribe even further into the Echo Isles, fortifying the Darkspear Isle. There, they battle with Zar’jira, the naga witch that took his father’s life, and her Spitescale Naga.
  • The Shatterspear Tribe joins the Horde after the Shattering opens their hidden village to the world.
  • Zul, an envoy of the Zandalari, seeks to reunite the troll empires and retake the lands that rightfully belong to them and secure a new home for his people. The Amani and the Gurubashi rally their forces to begin a bloody expansion out of their capitals to reclaim the lands around them.
  • Vol’jin leads the charge against the Zandalari, Gurubashi, and Amani, allying with members of the Alliance and the blood elves to push back the invasion of the Gurubashi and Amani. Even after their defeat, however, the Zandalari continue to create relationships with the troll Empires to continue their plan for conquest.

14: The Battle at Northwatch Hold

  • Vol’jin leads the Darkspear in the attack on Northwatch Hold and Theramore, where Garrosh detonated a mana bomb to destroy the leaders at Theramore.  Garrosh’s plans for genocide of the Alliance races pushes Baine and Vol’jin further away from Garrosh’s Horde.

15: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

  • The Zandalari  Zul receives a vision that leads the Zandalari , Gurubashi, Amani, and Farraki to Pandaria to rekindle old alliances with the Mogu in order to continue their conquest of Azeroth. They establish the Isle of Thunder as their base of operations to begin building ships in to sail out to the rest of Azeroth.
  • Vol’jin: Shadows of the Horde: 2 months after landfall on Pandaria, Vol’jin is nearly assassinated by Kor’kron at Garrosh’s command. Rumored to be dead, he is rescued by Chen Stormstout, who takes him to the Shado-pan Monastery to recuperate.
  • Garrosh and the Kor’kron claim martial law over the Echo Isles and the Valley of Wisdom, submitting the trolls to stringent surveillance and abusive control.
  • Escalation: 5 - 6 months after landfall on Pandaria, Thrall and the allies of the Darkspear Tribe help reclaim the Echo Isles from the Kor’kron. Thrall leads in Vol’jin’s absence. Gaining the support of Lor’themar Theron and Baine Bloodhoof, Vol’jin begins the rebellion against Garrosh in Sen’jin Village and Razor Hill. Afterward, he begins amassing resources by taking them from Kor’kron forces in the Barrens.
  • Siege of Orgrimmar: After Garrosh’s Fall, Vol’jin becomes Warchief of the Horde.

*Double takes* Trolls being the starting point of Elf evolution?

that … 

would actually explain a lot.

=)  This is a nice timeline. I’m going to give it another look soon enough.

Eyin, son of Lenathil, master of dragonhawk Derpi.
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I decided to re-use an old character from 2007 who has not yet made it into her own story.  It’s a young version of her, probably going to end up different enough that it stands as a separate incarnation altogether, but…
I needed her to be someone for Eyin to interact with in his story.
She will either keep her original name, which is Madeline, or I will call her Amelia.  It’s a tough choice for me, as I like the sound of both names on this character.
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…I drew a moocow, and some chikkins.  
Massive art block lately seems to be lifting…  I sketched up a younger Eyin in about 30 minutes (with a few random medieval clothing refs from Google♥).
He’s gone out to pretend he’s a master Farstrider in his burlap sack cloak and rolled up good pants.  Expensive vest, but that’s how kids roll—in the dirt, in their best clothes.  Always.

that ass

I *think* this is an artist’s take on the wretched, because of the blackening hands and the magic everywhere…
I’m just going to say, I LOVE this.  Personally, for a comic?  This kind of Wretched would be the greatest thing ever.  I never really liked that the ones presented in the game were pretty well treated as nut-job mooks with bald spots and hunched backs.  Belfs are pretty by nature.  Why not make a Wretched look more dangerous?
Ffff.  Guys may scoff at me for thinking he looks dangerous, but I’m talking about a different level of dangerous than Hulk Smash.

6 a.m. and coloring is on my mind….
I’m not obsessed with Emrinn.  Really.  I’m totally not.


Holy Trinity.
Emrinn, my elf priest—
Mi’kael, her son and main character of my comic Tankadin—
and Zinta, my pink-haired elf and hunnybunny of Mish.  
alsdkjflakdjflkjaflk So my brother just up and drew this for me out of nowhere…and I freaking love it to pieces, so you all have to see it too. ♥  I might try to color it someday if he lets me, but he also said he was going to color it, so we’ll have to wait and see.

This is a … rather nice art style o . o
i am genuinely surprised by this =D yay for surprises!
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“I will endure…so that you can, too.”
My regal lady, Emrinn, heiress of the Evenlight dynasty.
Feels like two months of no good art whatsoever.  I sit down and sketch to relieve pain, and this comes.  People may think it’s crazy to talk about / to or consider what a fictional character has to say, but sometimes…
…what they have to say can really move you.