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A World of Warcraft fan story.
Heart of the Healer

Emrinn’s Diary — Darkness

My dreams are dark.

During the day, when sunlight reaches my eyes and I can feel the wind upon my skin; when I can smell the flowers in the air and taste the sweetness of a ripe fruit, I wish for this.

I wish for this world to stand still — for endless daylight, for night to never come. In the dark, I see visions of a future I hope desperately does not come to pass. I see my family withering and dying in wretched, horrifying ways, their souls crying out beneath shells of pale flesh and thinning hair, hungering eyes and slavering teeth as if the very essence of our being has been stripped of them and they are nothing more than devouring shells.

The dream repeats itself. Over and over again, I see myself die to this. I see others whose faces I’ve yet to recognize. It’s possible that they don’t exist, my mind filling in the blanks where faces should be. It is something I once pursued, to find each piece of each dream and place it so that I might know what was to come…

It is not the only dream.

I see pale skin splitting open to reveal crow’s wings, black and stringy and spread across the sky in flightless granduer. I see ashen skin warming to sickening red, our teeth growing into the fangs of a beast…and our eyes flaring wildly, erratically, as if under a demon’s spell.

I see…and I dream. I often wish that night would never come.

Eyin, son of Lenathil, master of dragonhawk Derpi.
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I decided to re-use an old character from 2007 who has not yet made it into her own story.  It’s a young version of her, probably going to end up different enough that it stands as a separate incarnation altogether, but…
I needed her to be someone for Eyin to interact with in his story.
She will either keep her original name, which is Madeline, or I will call her Amelia.  It’s a tough choice for me, as I like the sound of both names on this character.
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…I drew a moocow, and some chikkins.  
Massive art block lately seems to be lifting…  I sketched up a younger Eyin in about 30 minutes (with a few random medieval clothing refs from Google♥).
He’s gone out to pretend he’s a master Farstrider in his burlap sack cloak and rolled up good pants.  Expensive vest, but that’s how kids roll—in the dirt, in their best clothes.  Always.

that ass

I *think* this is an artist’s take on the wretched, because of the blackening hands and the magic everywhere…
I’m just going to say, I LOVE this.  Personally, for a comic?  This kind of Wretched would be the greatest thing ever.  I never really liked that the ones presented in the game were pretty well treated as nut-job mooks with bald spots and hunched backs.  Belfs are pretty by nature.  Why not make a Wretched look more dangerous?
Ffff.  Guys may scoff at me for thinking he looks dangerous, but I’m talking about a different level of dangerous than Hulk Smash.

6 a.m. and coloring is on my mind….
I’m not obsessed with Emrinn.  Really.  I’m totally not.


Holy Trinity.
Emrinn, my elf priest—
Mi’kael, her son and main character of my comic Tankadin—
and Zinta, my pink-haired elf and hunnybunny of Mish.  
alsdkjflakdjflkjaflk So my brother just up and drew this for me out of nowhere…and I freaking love it to pieces, so you all have to see it too. ♥  I might try to color it someday if he lets me, but he also said he was going to color it, so we’ll have to wait and see.

This is a … rather nice art style o . o
i am genuinely surprised by this =D yay for surprises!
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“I will endure…so that you can, too.”
My regal lady, Emrinn, heiress of the Evenlight dynasty.
Feels like two months of no good art whatsoever.  I sit down and sketch to relieve pain, and this comes.  People may think it’s crazy to talk about / to or consider what a fictional character has to say, but sometimes…
…what they have to say can really move you.